Skip Cummins

Skip Cummins

Skip has lived a life full of opportunities of a lifetime at full throttle, following his maybe wrong but never in doubt philosophy.  A life full of extraordinary successes and accomplishments, devastating tragedies, and spectacular mistakes and failures.   All of which he owns, has embraced, is grateful for and from which he has learned many valuable lessons.  Skip hopes to use his experiential knowledge to help you Master You, personally and professionally.

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The Personal and Professional Scalability Test

Scalable systems, companies, and organizations take full advantage of opportunities for growth by changing in size, scale, and/or scope while simultaneously increasing efficiency and profitability. The same goes for people, including you and me, although our “profits” include emotional, intellectual, spiritual, professional and financial gains. The more scalable you are, the more profitably you’ll grow, …

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Abundance Through Buying and Selling

“Abundance” is an ample, or very large quantity of something.  What types of abundance do you have or would you like to have more of?  Happiness, joy, wealth, income, love, pleasure, good health?  Emotional abundance?  Spiritual abundance?  Professional abundance?  Financial abundance? Have you ever considered that abundance comes from effectively selling and astutely buying? Robert …

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