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Great book during these times for sure
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Far too often, we are presented with self-help guides that do not provide concrete steps to achieve success. In this book, Mastering You from the Inside out, that is definitely not the case. Skip Cummins shed his layer of vulnerability by letting us in on his mistakes in order for us to learn from them. In this competitive society, these recommendations are essential to staying levelheaded and determined for success. With that said, Skip approaches topics in a blunt manner. Personally, I prefer this approach to the sugarcoating and watered down method used in most self-improvement books. Why? I haveve come to learn that life's challenges won't beat around the bush so to speak. They'll knock you in the mouth. This book will prepare you for those haymakers and how to dodge or recover from them. This applies to both personally and professional experiences. The author emphasizes the use of learning from the past but looking towards the future. This is one of those lessons that can be applied in several areas of my life. So, I could only assume that the same can be said for readers of this book. I suggest this for anyone who shows even a slight interest in improving as a working professional.
Breanna A.
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Mastering You From The Inside Out by Skip Cummins is now one of my favorite self help books of all time. Normally I’m a little skeptical about self help books but I genuinely enjoyed this one. It’s written in an easy to understand way that gives you the motivation to want to use all the advice and methods presented. I really liked that the author not only presented his accomplishments but also his big mistakes and how he overcame them and how they helped him to grow. It gave the book a nice touch of honesty and a bit of hope. Right off the bat it starts out very emotionally charged about his own mothers suicide and battle with hopelessness. He also discusses his mother’s depression and addiction to phenobarbital. This book is honest and refreshing to say the least. The author doesn’t hide behind pleasantries or try to make anything look better than it is. He’s honest and raw and that is what makes this such a great book. What I really like about this book is that it emphasizes learning from the past and any past mistakes. It doesn’t try to sugarcoat them or make excuses. It says just to take them in stride and use them to grow and understand yourself both professionally and emotionally. It also provides concrete steps on how you can better yourself and quite frankly is really engaging. I definitely feel much more motivated and equipped on how to better myself. I highly recommend this to anyone going through a rough time or just looking to better themselves and their lives!
The Power Is Yours
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“Mastering You From The Inside Out: Survive and Thrive, Personally and Professionally” by Skip Cummins is a wonderful guide not only to success, but to knowing yourself. Skip shares many of the lessons he has learned through his epic successes and sometimes epic failures in order to help the reader learn how to realize their own potential in whatever area of life they are interested in improving. The book breaks down areas of success like business and personal relationships and then gives a detailed step by step process for anticipating the hiccups that inevitably pop up in life so that you are in the driver's seat of your own life. I was especially intrigued by some of the advice for preserving a marriage. I don’t want to give it all away, but let’s just say the definition of tantra is a lot more broad than I ever had imagined. Cummins also gives some solid advice on how to motivate your children as well as how to under promise and over deliver with your partner, children, and significant other so that you are always winning instead of disappointing those who depend on you. Cummins has an inspirational life story full of ups and downs that make him both relatable and aspirational. This is a good book to read now that many people have a little more free time on quarantine who want to take stock of their lives in order to move forward to be the best version of themselves possible.
Kasey Clark
Learn From Skip's Mistakes; You Will Know Now What He Didn't Know Then
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Beyond being a self-help book with many excellent pieces of real-world advice to absorb and apply, this book reads like an intriguing white collar crime thriller at certain parts! Now, that's an inventive way to pass along some wisdom! Through the stories of his two failed marriages and the meteoric rise and fall of his medical device company, (complete with government corruption, breakthrough therapies, boardroom backstabbing, etc.) Skip Cummins shares some very profound life lessons learned in some very hard ways. The advice seems sincere and well-structured in this book, and I believe that is because Skip is genuinely interested in saving you personal and financial heartache by sharing his tips for restructuring the ways you think about yourself and interact with both your spouse and professional contacts. I particularly enjoyed the section about living your life in a way that is planned, measured, monitored, and rewarded. This is a framework that is often used in the workplace, but Skip explains that it can easily be applied to the achievement of your personal goals. I also appreciate that Skip encourages his readers to abandon status quo notions about what you need to own or how to need to appear to others in order to find true happiness. Marriage, parenthood, fancy cars, home ownership, and succumbing to the powers that be are all commitments to an existing state of affairs that just may not suit you or be financially prudent. Thank goodness Skip prompts the reader to look inward, understand from whence they came and how this may be influencing their decisions, and then self-correct to maximize opportunities and one’s chance of success. I would recommend this book to anyone who has suffered a major setback, romantically or professionally. I think there is also great self-help questioning in this book for anyone who seems to take things too personally or has unresolved issues from their childhood that are still causing anger.
Agnes Musee
Raw and honest
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Out of all the self-help books I’ve read, Mastering You From the Inside Out is the most straight forward guide I’ve ever come across. He tells you step by step how to deal with life obstacles, whether it’s with relationships or career mistakes. Cummins is a well experienced man and has been through a lot and overcome a lot. It’s a nice read to revisit whenever you’re dealing with your own issues. Even if you haven’t experienced some of the things he covers, you’ll be fully-equipped to tackle the situation when it does arise. I really appreciate Cummins raw and honest approach. He’s a “tell it like it is” type of guy, which is really helpful when you need an honest voice to get you through a situation. The book emphasizes learning from the past and applying it to your future in order to take the reins of your life. This would make a great gift for Father’s Day.
J. Griffin
Hilariously Inspirational
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This book is great. While it is technically an inspirational book, Mastering You From The Inside Out is unique because of it's writing style. The author, Skip Cummins, tells the reader about embarrassing moments in his life in order to get them to better understand certain situations so that they can accomplish their personal or professional goals. This style makes reading the book more comfortable and relatable since as the readers we know that the author has experienced some of the same things that we might be going through. And the element that makes this book great more than anything is the comedy. Most inspirational books are boring and cringey, and therefore leave a bad taste in the mouth, but not this one. The jokes and comedic nature of it are a good relief from and addition to the central message. All in all, as I've said before, this is a great book not only because of it's inspirational messages, but also because of it's comedic delivery.
Integrity, Communication and Winning redefined!
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Mastering Your From the Inside Out gave me too many ah-hah moments to count. The twice-married, multi-millionaire CEO-turned trantra Yoga instructor, and survivor of unspeakable personal tragedy, has managed to draw a clear and beautiful path to the light at the end of the tunnel. It's one thing to tell people how to live their best life. It's another thing to really show you. Skip Cummins shows you by brazenly telling his story and sharing deeply unpacked lessons. In the process, you learn to redefine important elements of success such as integrity and communication so that you can adapt to the needs of your true self, the people you love, and the job at hand. At times, I felt my heart tear a bit for Skip. He has really been through one heck of a life. But I gained tremendous hope as he walked me through life-changing questions and reflective exercises. Ultimately, Cummins gets you to the point where you're no longer blaming your troubles on anybody. But rather, taking epic steps to self-empower, learn, grow and heal. What I loved the most about this book is how it empowers you both in life and in work. Cummin's life stories, humor, and serious transformation can and should really be applied to every aspect of your life!
Ayo Toush
A great story mixed with wisdom to better all aspects of your life!
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“Mastering You From The Inside Out: Survive and Thrive Personally and Professionally” grabbed my attention immediately with it’s vivid opening scene that clearly communicated why Skip wrote this book. Soon after I found myself further engaged when I did the first exercise suggested. As I continued to read I took note of numerous quotes mentioned that resonate with me. One of many was “What gets thoroughly planned, frequently measured, frequently reported, and appropriately rewarded, gets done.” I loved that Skip clearly laid out his book’s objective from the start and stayed true to that purpose until the end. His writing style is unique and thought provoking. I felt as if I was talking with a good friend when I read his story and lessons learned. The vulnerability he displays in telling his experience truthfully endeared me to him. There were even parts of the book that touched me so deeply I cried. Skip touches on topics that pertain to all aspects of life which include financial success, codependency, happiness, boundaries, relationship with self and others, tantra, integrity, self care, and many more. Much of what I read I immediately decided to apply to my life. I also found answers to questions I’ve been asking myself within the pages of “Mastering Yourself From The Inside Out”, such as “Should I rent or buy my next home?” Although a variety of topics are covered in his book, Skip manages to weave them all together seamlessly with his story and the relevant wisdom he is sharing with the reader. Skip not only tells his story well but he gets you involved with questions and exercises to immediately begin the process of mastering yourself. This is running longer than I anticipated so I’ll end by saying I would highly recommend to anybody who is seeking to better themselves and their life. I loved this book from beginning to end.
Anthony DeFeo
Inspiring read - speaks from the heart
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STRONGLY recommend for any reader who finds themselves unhappy or dissatisfied in life. Even if you're not looking to make a big change in your life, this book can CHANGE the way you see the world around you. The author provides frank discussions from every corner of his life - personal and professional - holding NOTHING BACK in regard to his own personal failures as well as his successes. It's more like a friend sitting with you at a bar than a book, really. And his frequent message that living in the past stifles the POTENTIAL of your future is applicable to anybody who picks up this volume. The way he maintains this mentality through lows like divorce and highs like discovering his passion for tantra yoga shows you how the past is always there, good or bad, so why be burdened by it? I blazed through this book, and already I'm beginning to look at my work life in a NEW LIGHT. And now I've got a Life Plan for moving forward, which I never even thought to actually write out on paper! It seems obvious, without this book, I'd have never thought to view my life in the way I'm starting to NOW.

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